Hammonds Field:
This 8,000 seat Minor League Baseball Stadium is located in downtown Springfield, Missouri. The complex includes (28) skybox suites at the second level and (3) executive suites at the third story press box level. Hammons Field is also the home for the Southwest Missouri State University baseball team.

Grand Theater:
Located in Biloxi, Mississippi, this Las Vegas style theater has 2,000 seats, with 1,200 seats being cabaret type and the upper balcony being theater seats.
Ray Stevens Theater:
Branson, Missouri. Exterior is block, glass, and metal roofing. Building includes a 2,000-seat live theater/auditorium.. Interior features exposed, arched steel trusses and decking.
Yellow Ribbon Music Theater:
Branson, Missouri. Theater has seating space for 2,000 with an extensive stage and theatrical fly system. The interior includes complete dressing room facilities, gift shop area, offices and ticket counters. This project was built utilizing pre-engineered steel components with an exterior insulation and finish system.
Sight and Sound Theaters:
Branson, Missouri. 339,000 square feet with a stage area of 26,550 square feet and seating for 2,085 patrons. The production's 300-foot stage that wraps around 3 sides of the audience, 40-foot high sets, a cast of 45 actors, elaborate costumes, breathtaking special effects, and hundreds of live and animatronic animals captivate and transport audience members.

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